Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Finally I have some more time to recap some more of what has been happening.
So as I was looking out of the window this abnormally advanced zombie locked eyes with me and set its lips in a sneer revealing its jagged teeth. There were only two exits from the house, out the front door directly into the mass of zombies or out the back. I knew that the back door led out into a walled off garden. It was unlikely that there would be zombies back there as it was walled off and backed onto the gardens of the next row of houses. I scrambled through to the back of the house, grabbing my bag on the way through. I eased the door open and carefully checked that the garden was zombie free. Luckily for me it was. The garden backed onto the gardens of the row of terraced houses behind the bungalow. These gardens only had low fences between them which was both a blessing and a curse. Although it meant that I would be able to move from garden to garden more easily it also meant that any zombies would also be able to travel from garden to garden more easily. The terraced housing meant that the gardens weren’t visible from the road so I wouldn’t be seen by any zombies milling around on the roads. I could hear the zombie at the front of the building trying to breach the door to get to where I’d been seen. I jumped the wall into the gardens of the terraces and made my way as quickly to the end as I could whilst still being on guard. As I reached the last garden in the row a bellowing scream of rage filled the air stopping me dead in my tracks. I looked back the way I had come toward the bungalow, to my surprise I saw smoke and flame reaching up into the sky. Suddenly the large zombie, who I have named Hound, jumped up onto the wall at the back of the garden. Silhouetted by the flame he turned his head towards me and let out another bellowing scream. This second scream brought me back to my senses, without a second thought I scrambled over the final wall and fell into the street. I rolled onto my feet and started running. I knew exactly where I was going. On the other side of the residential area, back towards the business district, there were several blocks of flats. I knew that the ordinary zombies would struggle with the stairs so it would be a relatively safe place. I would just have to hope that I could lose Hound on the way. In my hurry to get away from Hound I had not stopped to see if there were any zombies in the street that I had just entered. Unfortunately there were…    

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