Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I'm Back

I don’t know if this message will reach anyone but I will try. It has been almost two months from my last message and a lot has happened. I have a more permanent base now meaning that I should be able to update more frequently. I shall start from where I left off last time. The light was beginning to fade and the building that I was in was too exposed, as soon as it got dark enough it would be swarming with zombies. I was in an office building on the edge of the city’s business sector, the main bulk of the zombies tended to come from the centre of the business sector so it was best to head away from there. I cut through to a row of shops so that I could top up on supplies. I figured that I had about twenty minutes until the zombies stated coming out and about an hour until the city would become overrun. I quickly ducked into one of the shops and filled my backpack with supplies; I was no more than three minutes. As I went to exit the shop I thought I saw someone out in the street, from the doorway of the shop I scan the street. To my surprise I see that the zombies are already stumbling about out of their daytime hideaways. It must have been one of these that I saw out of the window. Their appearance would of course make my journey more dangerous. I know where I was going, I had three or four night bases set up around the city two of the were residential area close to the shopping district. I headed to a house avoiding any confrontation with the zombies. This particular building was a single story bungalow, although not the most ideal place it was the closest and with the increased zombie activity I felt it best to stay off of the streets. The light was almost completely faded now, about the time that most of the zombies normally came out of hiding. I refuelled and settled down for the night. I'm not sure what woke me up, if it was a noise or just an uneasy feeling, but I woke up in pick black at around 2AM. I carefully crept to the window to see in anything was happening out side. What I saw outside then still sends a shiver down my spine. Initially I didn't think there was anything abnormal but as I looked longer I realised that there were a lot more zombies gathering out on the street than normal. Either there was something out there drawing them in or they knew that I was there. Then I saw it standing in the centre of the zombies. At first I thought that it was just a really tall zombie but as I studied it I realised that it was more than just a normal zombie. This thing didn't have the usually pale skin with chunk of flesh falling off; this thing was dark and muscled. It wasn't a normal man but you could have easily been fooled. As I was watching it slowly turned around to face me. Although it wasn’t falling apart like the other zombies it had fresh crimson wounds exposed on its chest and white scars crisscrossing its face. Its face with eyes locked directly with mine. As it saw me it slowly smiled revealing it jagged teeth.
I’ll have to stop now as we have to go out on patrol, but I will update soon if I can…

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